Hills & Mist
Hills & Mist
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Welcome to Arpita Agro Products Pvt Ltd.

Arpita Agro Products Pvt Ltd (AAPPL), a company established in 1992 with the concept of creating sustainable products that are effective and safe for the home and environment.  Over the years the company has created a range of household hygiene and personal care products while also branching into the beverage industry through manufacturing and marketing of Packaged Drinking Water, Flavored Drinks and Packaged Tea. AAPPL has established itself as a reliable and stable FMCG company with multiple products under various brands that are manufactured by the company and marketed through a well-established network across the eastern part of the country. The latest venture undertaken by AAPPL in recent years has been the purchase of a Tea Garden and venturing into reprocessing/recycling of P.E.T plastic wastes into flakes or resins that can be reused for further manufacturing of packaging goods. 

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Hills & Mist

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Soumyadeep Mondal

Since switching to Arpita Agro's eco-friendly cleaning products, I've noticed a significant difference. They clean effectively without harsh chemicals, which is perfect for my family and the environment.

Ria Dey

Arpita Agro Products offers the widest selection of fresh, local produce in my area. Their prices are fair, and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

Vivek Roy

Arpita Agro products are a lifesaver for my family! They're so affordable compared to other brands, but the quality is just as good. We love their all-purpose cream, it's perfect for everyone in the household.

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